Corporate Contributions

Johnson & Johnson is among the largest corporate donors, having contributed nearly $1.1 billion in cash and products toward nearly 600 programs in more than 100 countries, impacting tens of millions of lives worldwide. The Company contributed $163 million in cash to organizations in the United States and around the world for corporate and operating companies’ programs and projects. This included more than $15 million allocated through our U.S. Matching Gifts program; Johnson & Johnson double-matched employee contributions in 2015. Johnson & Johnson companies made $877 million in noncash contributions (product donations are reported at fair market value, which is consistent with the reporting methods of nonprofit organizations). Of these contributions, the Company donated $635.5 million of selected prescription products to patients without adequate financial resources in the U.S. through the Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Program (JJPAF). In 2015, JJPAF provided medicines to more than 97,000 patients in the U.S.  The balance of non-cash contributions went to private voluntary organizations that assist medically underserved people in developing countries and provide emergency disaster relief.

We manage our Contributions Program within guidelines approved by the Johnson & Johnson Executive Committee. Total giving of nearly $1.1 billion in 2015 is consistent with our continuing commitment to our philanthropic and patient assistance programs. Our Contributions budget is established well before the start of each fiscal year, so our giving as a percentage of year-end pretax income thus varies from year to year, as fluctuations in year-end pretax income become apparent. For 2015, our giving represented 5.4 percent of annual worldwide pretax income.

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