Ingredient Safety

Our companies buy and manufacture an array of raw materials, active ingredients, packaging components, and other supplies to make our products. We also use advanced technologies to deliver products with superior performance features. The safety and quality of these materials and technologies are critical to the success and safety of final products.

We continually monitor evolving science on the ingredients we use and carefully consider the feedback of consumers and other interested parties, exploring alternative options for new formulations when warranted. Before raw materials are used, our pharmacologists, toxicologists, laboratory analysts and other health scientists conduct extensive evaluations in laboratories maintained by Johnson & Johnson for this purpose. We employ sophisticated tools and systems to help identify factors that may affect product quality, efficacy and safety.

We made a global commitment in 2011 to remove a number of commonly used ingredients from our baby and adult personal care products. In 2012 we launched an initiative to share all we do to ensure the quality and safety of every consumer product. Known as Our Safety & Care Commitment, we created a website,, dedicated to helping consumers better understand how we ensure the safety of beauty and baby care products and the ingredients that go into them. Consumers can view our ingredient policies and learn about the rigorous scientific standards of our five-level safety assurance process.

We’re pleased to have met our 2013 Safety and Care Commitment to remove formaldehyde-releasing preservatives from our baby products and reduce traces of 1,4 dioxane in all of our baby and adult care products, everywhere around the world.

We are tracking well towards our 2015 Commitment for the remainder of our baby and adult care products. Our 2015 Commitment includes the removal of triclosan and phthalates from all adult products, as well removing all parabens from baby products and removing certain parabens from adult personal care products. Additionally, we are reformulating to remove certain fragrance ingredients in all products. We will avoid use of formaldehyde releasers in adult products whenever possible.

Our Safety and Care commitment is about reformulating for trust. Trust means earning consumer confidence in our ingredient selection and decision-making process as a company, and also making the views and concerns of the people who use our products a part of this process. We have taken a leadership role in eliminating certain ingredients from all our consumer products globally and we are committed to respond to evolving consumer priorities around ingredients.  Achieving these 2013 commitments is an important step in our Safety and Care Commitment.

Over one billion people trust the quality and safety of our products, and maintaining this trust is of paramount importance to us.