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A Look Back on Our Work in 2019

A Look Back on Our Work in 2019


More and more, the world is seeing rare and novel bacteria and viruses emerging and evolving into global health threats. Johnson & Johnson has always been committed to helping fight new and established epidemics, and stands prepared to invest in developing the solutions necessary to be prepared to deal with such dangers.

In 2019, in response to the world’s second worst Ebola outbreak on record, the company committed to providing up to 700,000 courses of an investigational vaccine regimen to people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda. It also embarked on the next phase of testing a promising investigational HIV vaccine regimen.

At the same time, Johnson & Johnson was dedicated to making its medications accessible and affordable, as it demonstrated through its third annual Janssen U.S. Transparency Report, which gave a glimpse into how the company invests in the development of new treatments and prices its medicines. The company also participated in a U.S. Senate Finance Committee Hearing, where top leaders explored ideas for how to lower the cost of prescription pharmaceuticals.

These are just a few reasons why Fortune named Johnson & Johnson a World’s Most Admired Company for the 17th year in a row in 2019.

Some Company News Highlights From 2019

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We are one of the few innovative healthcare companies in the world actively working to address the pandemic challenge. Now more than ever, we must join forces with other pioneers to deliver the next generation of breakthroughs.

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Johnson & Johnson's ranking on Working Mother's 100 Best Companies list in 2019
The number of consecutive years Johnson & Johnson has been on Working Mother's 100 Best Companies list

Since its founding in 1886, innovation has been in Johnson & Johnson's DNA.

The year 2019 proved no different, bringing with it new therapies for treatment-resistant depression and the most common type of bladder cancer; the launch of JLABS @ Shanghai, Johnson & Johnson Innovation's new healthcare incubator in China; and the acquisition of a cutting-edge medical robotics company.

And in support of the next great health ideas, Johnson & Johnson awarded three nurses with funding to help get their smart healthcare solutions developed—and launched a new skincare line designed by a team of millennial scientists.

Some Innovation Story Highlights From 2019

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We are entering a golden age of neuroscience—especially in mood disorders—when the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of millions of people worldwide is truly unprecedented.

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The year a future Johnson & Johnson scientist discovered that mutations in a particular gene are linked to cancer
The number of years later that his finding led to a U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval that's helping to provide a promising treatment option for some patients living with metastatic urothelial cancer

As the world’s largest and most broadly based healthcare company, Johnson & Johnson has always been committed to using its reach and size to help improve the health of people around the world.

That’s why last year, building on the more than 1.4 billion doses of medication it has delivered to children with intestinal worm infections worldwide since 2006, the company committed to donating an additional 1 billion doses through 2025.

Johnson & Johnson also celebrated nurses through 5B, a documentary it commissioned about the first dedicated AIDS unit in the country, as well as partnered on the (BAND-AID®)RED campaign, in which the purchase of a box of (BAND-AID®)RED bandages pays for a day’s worth of lifesaving medication for a person living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa.

Some Caring & Giving Story Highlights From 2019

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At Johnson & Johnson we are committed to advocating for nurses and those on the front lines of care who truly make a difference in changing human health.

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The number of doses, in billions, of a parasite-fighting medication that Johnson & Johnson has distributed worldwide since 2006
The number of kids, in millions, that have received this treatment as a result of the company's donations

Lung cancer, cardiovascular disease and obesity are all health conditions that, despite being extremely prevalent, unfortunately have no current cure. But Johnson & Johnson remains committed to helping solve these complex health puzzles.

In 2019, the company unveiled new ways to help people manage these diseases, through the development of cutting-edge diagnostic tests and treatments, plus research that could potentially one day lead to cures.

The company also focused on helping improve everyday health, with research and products to help us stay healthy in winter, protect our skin in summer and more.

Some Health & Wellness Story Highlights From 2019

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With lung cancer, a tumor only becomes symptomatic when it has grown significantly and spread outside the lung. What's unique about the Lung Cancer Initiative at Johnson & Johnson is that we're looking earlier and earlier in the disease process. We want to get to the very top of where the disease begins.

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The number, in millions, of people infected with active tuberculosis each year
The year by which Johnson & Johnson has committed to support global efforts to end tuberculosis

In today’s digital world, information is everywhere—in the machines that produce the medicines we take, in the computers where our medical records are kept, in the phones we use to take selfies.

At Johnson & Johnson, data scientists are at the forefront of using company data to help improve people's health and safety.

Did you know, for instance, that the company has developed a new model for reusing results from its clinical trials to help reduce the need to conduct additional studies? Johnson & Johnson brands are also using artificial intelligence to respond to users more quickly and accurately online.

Some Data Science Story Highlights From 2019

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We wanted to improve how we reduce down-time of our manufacturing lines using predictive maintenance—essentially using sensors to tell our mechanics the exact time when a line needs to be serviced. Now we’re seeing up to 30% improvement in predictive maintenance cost and staff efficiency.

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The number of hours a day that the Johnson & Johnson Global Brand Protection team works with data scientists and others to ensure product safety
The number of illicit activities this team is trying to combat: counterfeiting, tampering and product diversion

Johnson & Johnson believes that, in order to be able to truly understand and meet the needs of its diverse patients, consumers and customers, it needs a workforce that represents and appreciates the diversity of the world around it.

Its first Diversity & Inclusion Impact Review, You Belong, was published in 2019 to showcase the many ways the company has been a leader in this arena—starting as far back as 1908, when the company hired its first female scientist.

Today, its efforts span everything from Re-Ignite (a paid "returnship" initiative for professionals in science, technology, engineering, math, manufacturing and design) to the WiSTEM2D Scholars Award Program, launched to advance the careers of graduate women in these fields.

Some Diversity & Inclusion Story Highlights From 2019

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Johnson & Johnson continues to be a leader in diversity and inclusion. This inaugural You Belong: Diversity & Inclusion Impact Review showcases the progress we've made for our people, our culture, our business and our world.

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The approximate number of LGBTQ+ workers and allies who are part of Johnson & Johnson's Open&Out Employee Resource Group (ERG)
The number of Open&Out chapters around the globe, making it the company's fastest-growing ERG

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