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Governance & Ethics
Statement on Privacy

Johnson & Johnson is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of those who entrust us with their personal information. Our customers, consumers, website visitors, employees, clinical research participants and all those who do business with us trust and expect that we will protect their personal information in accordance with the promises we make. Particularly in the area of personal health, individuals are rightly concerned that the privacy promises we make are honored to the fullest extent.

In addition to all the laws that apply to our operating companies’ handling of personal information, we also have global privacy policies to which all our businesses worldwide must adhere. Our policies reflect our commitment to fair information practices. Individuals who interact with our operating companies are entitled to understand how personal information about them will be collected, used and disclosed. Whenever possible, we explain how personal information can be corrected, updated or deleted. We keep personal information secure.

Additional information on our privacy obligations can be found in our Code of Business Conduct.

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Last updated: September 2016