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We Never Stop Taking Care of You

Johnson & Johnson isn’t just a baby company. We’re a company that controls HIV, fights cancer, makes personalized joint replacements and restores normal heart rhythms. From the day you’re born, we never stop taking care of you.

  • Developing treatments to fight diseases like Ebola and drug-resistant tuberculosis can help us tackle the next epidemic.
  • We’re working to fight cancer by developing robotics to find and treat the disease.
  • AFib is a disease affecting millions. We help restore normal heart rhythms and decrease the chance of strokes.
  • For the millions of people who suffer from mental illness, we have treatment options that may give them hope.
  • Every 40 seconds, someone has a stroke. We make technologies to help bring them back.
  • We’re developing technology that can help detect Alzheimer's before symptoms set in.
  • HIV
    1.8 million people around the world will be newly infected with HIV this year. We’re developing medical breakthroughs to fight HIV.
  • We make knee, hip and shoulder replacements to help you stay active, longer.
  • Your body’s largest organ is your skin. From protecting it with sunscreen to healing it with sutures, we help keep it healthy your whole life.
  • We’re pioneering minimally invasive surgery and new ways to use robotics in the OR.

Get to know more of what we're doing to take care of you all your life. Discover the advances we're making and the innovation we're creating.

J&J Is a Take-Care-of-You-Your-Whole-Life Company
J&J Is a Take-Care-of-You-Your-Whole-Life Company

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