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Caring & Giving
A Healthcare Conversation with Dr. Juan José Rivera

When Johnson & Johnson partnered once again with LATISM (Latinos in Tech, Innovation, and Social Media) for their annual conference, we knew we were going to spend time with a warm, caring, welcoming, and enthusiastic group of community leaders.

We also had the chance to engage with many professionals actively involved in the healthcare space. As part of the discussion about healthcare, Johnson & Johnson hosted a lunchtime panel discussion to help attendees learn about ways to better care for themselves and their families.

Our very special guest was Dr. Juan José Rivera, a cardiologist and the Chief Medical Correspondent for Univision.
Prior to the lunch panel, I had a chance to sit down with Dr. Rivera and ask him a few questions about his inspiration to head into medicine (it might surprise you!), what he thinks is the biggest global health crisis (it probably won’t surprise you), and his thoughts on using social media to talk health.


Fadra Nally is a Communications Specialist for Johnson & Johnson. When she’s not working, she’s mothering a precocious 6 year old in the suburbs of Baltimore, MD. In her spare time, she writes all.things.fadra, one of the Top 100 Mom Blogs for 2012 according to Babble.com. She’s also the co-founder of Charitable Influence.