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The JOHNSON’S® Brand has been pioneering the science and setting global standards in baby skin care for more than 120 years, and is now paving the way in baby care by advancing research on the importance of multi-sensorial experiences in happy, healthy baby development. The global campaign, SO MUCH MORE™, is about enhancing rituals, including bath time, to stimulate baby’s senses and provide parents an opportunity to nurture baby’s ability to learn, think, love and grow.

The JOHNSON’S® Global Bath Time Report, found that 84% of parents say bath time is some of the best quality time they get with their child, yet many parents underestimate its power and benefits. In fact, the Report, an online survey of more than 3,500 parents of young children around the world, conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of JOHNSON’S®, found that more than half of parents (58%) say bath time is not extremely important to their child’s brain development. Yet, emerging and foundational science reveals multi-sensorial experiences are critical to helping shape baby’s growing brain. The Brand is taking their commitment to happy, healthy baby development one step further by revealing the power of the senses in daily rituals such as bath time.

Want to learn more about the role multi-sensorial experiences play in baby’s development?

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