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Replacing A Knee, Restoring A Life

NEW KNEE IMPROVES OUTLOOK After a successful knee replacement surgery, Mrs. Kamatchi (left, with daughter Dhanalakshmi) can focus on her family and household tasks, not on her pain.

This story appears in the Johnson & Johnson 2011 Annual Report

Mrs. Ramasamy Kamatchi is a 57-year-old farmer in rural India whose life has been transformed by the DePuy REACH™ Knee. After suffering from debilitating knee pain for more than 10 years, she underwent knee-replacement surgery and is again able to care for her family and enjoy activities with her grandchildren. “Now I can pay less attention to my knee and more to my family,” says Mrs. Kamatchi. “I am very happy and satisfied.”

By developing new R&D and commercial models that meet specific emerging market needs, DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. is making such life-changing technologies accessible and affordable to hundreds of millions of underserved patients like Mrs. Kamatchi. The company is also committed to the safe and effective use of these products.

DePuy Orthopaedics Inc. is making life-changing technologies accessible and affordable to hundreds of millions of underserved patients.

By 2016, India will need three times as many joint-replacement surgeons as it has today to treat the number of patients suffering from debilitating arthritis. Helping to address this gap is the state-of-the-art DePuy Institute for Advanced Education and Research, which opened near Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, in July 2011. Through the transfer of knowledge and development of skills, this facility will increase the capacity of India’s health care professionals to care for people suffering from osteoarthritis and spinal and neurological disorders.

“As we teach, we also learn more about the needs of surgeons and their patients, and we can feed these insights into our product innovation and market access strategies,” says Michael del Prado, Company Group Chairman, Asia-Pacific. “These strategies work together to help build health care capacity in India and throughout the region.”

The DePuy Institute in Chennai is one of more than 25 professional education centers that the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies has built around the world to serve unique patient needs in emerging markets.

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