Douglas Wallace, Ph.D. Credit: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Champions of Science

A New Understanding of Disease

Biologist Doug Wallace has spent nearly 50 years figuring out how bioenergetics sits at the root of our most pervasive diseases.

Doug Wallace has spent nearly 50 years researching mitochondrial DNA. He helped map human migration from Africa and start the field of bioenergetics. Now Wallace, the director of the Center for Mitochondrial and Epigenomic Medicine at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the 2017 winner of the prestigious Dr. Paul Janssen Award, is using mitochondrial DNA to explain many of the most pervasive diseases known—perhaps even aging itself.

This video was produced for Johnson & Johnson Innovation by Scientific American Custom Media, a division separate from the magazine's board of editors

We launched Champions of Science®, a multifaceted initiative, to convene and catalyze champions of science and engage people of all generations and backgrounds to see the unlimited opportunities that science brings.

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