Developing a Vaccine and Identifying Therapies for COVID-19

e’re committed to bringing a safe and effective vaccine to the public on a not-for-profit basis for emergency pandemic use. Through our collaborations with health leaders around the world, we are engaging diverse scientists from inside and outside our company with the goal of delivering large volumes of a safe and effective vaccine.

We’ve established a baseline understanding of the safety profile of our vaccine platform through the data from the more than 100,000 individuals that have been vaccinated in studies examining our recently approved Ebola vaccine and our investigational HIV and Zika vaccine candidates. We are building on this foundation by evaluating the safety and effectiveness of our COVID-19 vaccine candidate in a methodical, stepwise approach. We’ve initiated the phase 3 study of our COVID-19 vaccine candidate that will assess the safety and effectiveness in up to 60,000 participants, including diverse individuals disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

We’re also working with global partners to screen a library of molecules, including antivirals, in order to identify potential treatments that could contribute to providing immediate relief to the current pandemic.

Volunteers from diverse groups are needed to research an investigational vaccine.

More on Our Progress & Commitment

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