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Resources for COVID-19 Vaccine Education
Resources for COVID-19 Vaccine Education
Resources for COVID-19 Vaccine Education

s the scientific community advances critical research on COVID-19 and tools to fight it, up-to-date information and education are essential. We are committed to partnering with credible global, regional and local voices to help build public trust in COVID-19 vaccines and transparently address the unique needs of communities around the world.

We're Collaborating With Respected Allies to Educate on COVID-19 Vaccines

We’re supporting essential vaccine education underway by organizations such as the American Nursing Association (ANA), Boston Museum of Science, Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) and the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA).

Learn more from our partners.
  • BIO’s COVID Vaccine Facts was developed to give the public access to third-party, unbiased, scientific information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine development and approval process.
  • To continue to build public trust in COVID-19 vaccines and an understanding of biopharmaceutical industry's role in the development of safe and effective vaccines, we partnered with IFPMA on their #TeamVaccines campaign.
  • As nurses across the United States continue to play a critical role in patient care and vaccine administration, it is imperative that they are equipped with scientifically sound information about vaccines. We partnered with ANA to support the launch of COVID Vaccine Facts for Nurses, which provides nurses with science-based, accurate information to help them, and their patients make informed decisions about vaccination.
  • Throughout the pandemic, the Museum of Science has partnered with industry, academia, government and the public to create videos, online activities and other resources to provide education on COVID-19 and the development of the vaccines that are helping us combat the disease. In 2021, the Museum introduced its Project Vaccine exhibit, which aims to inspire and engage people by helping them understand the many different aspects to creating a [MISSING END OF SENTENCE]

The Costs of Waiting

COVID-19 made us keep our distance, but disagreements about vaccination are driving us further apart. It’s time to talk openly and honestly, with empathy and without judgement, about vaccination—because we can’t wait any longer. Visit for expert tips to get started now.
The Road to a Vaccine
In The Road to a Vaccine, host Lisa Ling interviews scientists, global health leaders and other experts on the COVID-19 front lines to reveal the latest medical advances and collaborations to create a coronavirus vaccine—and hopefully a return to a world without the pandemic.
Returning Down the Road to a COVID-19 Vaccine
Headshot of Lisa Ling in front of 3-D globe graphic

* The IDViewpoints podcast was created by Janssen. Guests of IDViewpoints are not compensated in any way for participation in this podcast. All thoughts and opinions expressed on IDViewpoints are those of the guests and should not be considered medical advice. If you need medical advice or have questions about your treatment or condition, consult with your doctor.

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