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Annual Meeting Day
After days of cold, rainy weather, this morning the sky over New Brunswick is a rich blue and the sun is shining. As I walked off the New Jersey Transit platform and into our offices to get ready for today's Annual Meeting of Shareholders, I thought to myself how this yearly event always seems to fall on a beautiful April day. But, according to our resident historian and blogger, Margaret Gurowitz, this wasn't always the case. As she explains in her latest post on Kilmer House:

April usually means warmer weather and spring flowers, but at Johnson & Johnson it means it’s time for the Company’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders. Everyone knows these three things about the meeting: it has always been held on the last Thursday of April, it’s always had a huge turnout and it’s always been held in New Brunswick…right? Well, not exactly.

Margeret goes on to provide a wonderful recap of some little known facts about the Annual Meeting of Shareholders that is well worth checking out.