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      Quiz: Test your anti-aging skincare know-how

      Retinol. Peptides. Collagen. When it comes to caring for aging skin, there’s a lot of info to digest. Take this quiz to test your knowledge—and get science-backed tips for how to help your skin keep that youthful, natural glow.

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      The start of a new year typically brings with it all sorts of resolutions, reflections and reassessments—especially when it comes to our health.

      But while some health pledges tend to be a given—losing weight, exercising more, making sure to schedule those annual doctor’s appointments—there’s another area of health that’s equally resolution-worthy: taking better care of your skin.

      Even if you’ve been meticulous about staying out of the sun and applying sunscreen, chances are, if you’re in your 30s and 40s, you’re noticing wrinkles and age spots, as well as some general overall dryness. “Over time, your skin thins out and loses fat, which in turn also makes it less plump and smooth,” explains Marisa Dufort, Director of Product Development and Ingredient Innovation for NeoStrata® and Exuviance® at Johnson & Johnson.
       Exuviance® Lift Volumizing Concentrate and Exuviance® Wrinkle Smooth Topical Peptide

      The good news is there are products you can use to combat the signs of aging without necessarily having to undergo pricey medical spa procedures—like two new science-backed products with clinically proven visible results that Dufort helped develop, which can be your first step: Exuviance® Lift Volumizing Concentrate and Exuviance® Wrinkle Smooth Topical Peptide (shown at right).

      Curious to learn more about how best to care for your skin and tackle the signs of aging? Take this fun quiz to test your skin IQ.


      How often should you wash your face?


      You can’t have oily skin as you get older.


      You should avoid using toner if you have dry skin.


      As you age, your skin produces less:


      The first signs of aging are:


      There’s a genetic component to the way skin ages.


      The skin surrounding your eyes is one of the first areas to show wrinkles because:


      Medical spa procedures, like injections, are the best way to reduce the appearance of fine lines.


      Which topical skin treatments stimulate the growth of collagen, which is responsible for strength and elasticity in the skin?

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      Want More Youthful Looking Skin in 2020?

      Check out the full line of Exuviance® products, which are scientifically proven to help reverse the visible signs of aging.

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