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Health & Wellness
Calling Mommy Vloggers

I wanted to share an interesting idea we've initiated on the Johnson & Johnson health channel. It’s a series we call "Real Moms."

I’ve invited Mommy Vlogers to submit videos on topics relevant to them, and which might be helpful to a larger audience.

So far, I’ve received videos on safety tips for toddlers, how to make homemade baby food, and teaching your kids to be ecologically friendly. They don't have to be perfect -- most have been made on a flip cam -- and I do post most of the videos sent to me, as long as they don’t reference specific products. To compensate the vlogers I pay $100 for each video used.

One of my favorites was done by Colleen Padilla (Classy Mommy) on tips about how to keep from going stir crazy with your kids when stuck inside during bad weather.

I’m always looking for more content, so if you are interested, just let me know by clicking "send message" on the Johnson & Johnson health channel.