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Comments and the Health Channel

Marc’s post raises some interesting questions. JNJ BTW and the Johnson & Johnson health channel on You Tube pre-review comments before they are posted, and even though pre-reviewed comments are not necessarily SMC (social media correct!), I feel that it is justified, at least judging from some of the comments I have gotten on our You Tube channel. Even though the health channel includes videos on such sensitive health issues and disease states as obesity, cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease, I’ve been very surprised at just how many comments are offensive or downright obscene -- and I don’t feel we need to give a voice to those. I don’t delete comments because I disagree with them, but I do have the following disclaimer on the site:

Comments on videos are welcome, subject to approval by the site owner. Off-topic, inappropriate, or offensive comments will not be posted, nor will product endorsements.

I’ve particularly had to enforce this with the video about Teenage Obesity and Weight Loss Treatments, on which you’ll find a whole slew of comments. On the positive side, I’ve also found there are also very inspiring comments, which I find very gratifying, like the one about psoriatic arthritis, made on the Dara Torres, Olympic Gold Medalist video. Overall, this is a learning process for companies engaging in social media.