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Continuing to Lead by Example – Johnson & Johnson Recognized for Global Cancer Prevention and Support in the Workplace

by Fik Isaac, MD, Vice President Global Health Services and Chief Medical Officer, Wellness & Prevention, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson Company

Back in 2001, Former President George H. W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States, asked a gentleman named Robert Ingram (CEO of Glaxo Wellcome at the time) to chair the CEO Roundtable on Cancer in support of an initiative known as the C-Change.  This national forum brought together key leaders from business, government and academia, who shared the common goal to eliminate cancer.  Specifically, Mr. Bush asked Mr. Ingram to form a separate organization of action-oriented chief executive officers that would “do something” about cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment for their own families, as well as their corporate families.  And, well, the rest is history. Today, the CEO Roundtable on Cancer is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that remains committed to fulfilling Former President Bush’s challenge to be “bold and venturesome” in considering the health of employees and the war against cancer.  This rings true in each of the organization’s three key categories: risk reduction, early detection and quality care.  And more than four million employees and family members are benefiting from the vision and leadership of nearly 150 employers who’ve chosen to become Gold Standard accredited. Our former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Bill Weldon was passionate about his involvement with the CEO Roundtable on Cancer and was a long-time advocate for tobacco-free workplaces.  He led an industry effort to establish the Gold Standards in 2006, and Johnson & Johnson was among the first companies to achieve this accreditation in the U.S. Now, our current Chairman and Chief Executive Office, Alex Gorsky, has further enhanced our company’s commitment to employee wellness, leading us into 2015 with corporate sustainability objectives that target 90% of employees having access to “culture of health” programs, and 80% of the measured population characterized as having “low health risk.” The Gold Standard is also emblematic of Alex’s priorities, putting employees first by actively investing in our wellness. Through the years, we’ve made great progress in making resources and programs available to employees in such areas as nutrition, physical activity, prevention, screening and early detection, as well as access to high-quality care. That’s why earning the recent distinction as a Global CEO Cancer Gold Standard Employer marks such an important milestone for us.  I’m very proud of the wonderful leadership support we have in place at Johnson & Johnson and the accomplishments we’ve made to earn this accreditation. Our efforts and long-standing Culture of Health speak for themselves and inspire other companies to follow our lead in cancer prevention to help employees live longer, healthier and happier lives. To read the CEO Roundtable on Cancer’s announcement of our accreditation, please click here.

  Isaac-Fikry-DrFikry Isaac, MD, MPH, FACOEM is the Vice President, Global Health Services, Johnson & Johnson. Dr. Isaac leads the development of health & wellness strategies, policies, guidelines, and services worldwide (Occupational Medicine, Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Wellness). Dr. Isaac has been with Johnson & Johnson since 1989, and for the past 10 years, he has been driving the comprehensive Total Health programs that have reduced the Company’s healthcare costs and improved the health of employees. He also serves as the Chief Medical Officer, Wellness & Prevention, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson Company. In this role, he provides Health Management expertise, strategic direction and supports customer acquisition and lead generation. In addition to his MD, he received his degree of Master of Public Health in Occupational Medicine from the Medical College of Wisconsin in May 2001 and is a Fellow of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine where he chairs the Pharmaceutical Section and the Corporate Health Achievement Award. Dr. Isaac is the industry Co- chair of the Life Science and Innovation Forum - APEC. He also serves on several boards including the Partnership For Prevention, the Global Health & Benefits Institute and the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO).