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Debbie Phelps and Advice For Moms

I see that both the WSJ Health Blog and AdFreak picked up on the fact that Debbie Phelps, Michael's mom, has recently become a much sought-after spokesperson.

What they both neglected to explore, however, was that as a spokesperson for Johnson & Johnson's McNeil Pediatrics business, Debbie has been providing her thoughts on being a mom of child with ADHD to a page the McNeil Pediatrics created on Facebook earlier this summer.

My son has ADD, and I know how tough it can be to get good advice about what you should be doing to help your child live up to his or her potential. The schools say one thing, the doctors say something else - and meanwhile the poor kid hates being told they “learn differently." For me, getting advice from other parents who had lived through the same ordeal was about the only way I was even able to begin to figure out how to help my son.

Now to be fair, this Facebook page, ADHD Moms, still isn't all that interactive. Though visitors can download podcasts, articles and participate in instant polls, they can’t post comments to the wall on the page. What they can do, though, is use their own Facebook pages to connect with other ADHD Moms fans. It’s a baby step, to be sure, but I understand the team is looking at other steps they can take to make it easier for people to share their insights into caring for kids with ADHD.