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Drive Safely Work Week and BTW: Behind the Wheel

With the seemingly ever-increasing demands on our time, it’s all too easy to become distracted behind the wheel of a car.  This week (October 3-7) is Drive Safely Work Week.  Johnson & Johnson, as a board member company of the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS), is joining the U.S. Department of Transportation and NETS in promoting Drive Safely Work Week this week to help combat the epidemic of distracted driving.

On the social media side, the Johnson & Johnson Health Channel is featuring a video about Behind the Wheel (BTW) safe driving training as part of the Johnson & Johnson SAFE Fleet Program.

SAFE Fleet is the Company’s approach to protecting our employee drivers, their families and community members from injuries on the road.  Behind the Wheel training is a comprehensive driver improvement program, primarily for employees who drive fleet vehicles.  It includes classroom instruction and hands-on driving experience so that drivers can practice life-saving maneuvers behind the wheel.  Some months ago, we taped a BTW program attended by newly hired Ethicon, Inc. field representatives so that we could show one of these courses in action.

Drive Safely Work Week is the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety’s annual workplace safety campaign that provides downloadable tools for companies to use in reminding their employees about safe driving practices.  This year’s Drive Safely Work Week campaign focuses on ways in which drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists can help prevent distracted driving accidents. There are things that all of us can do in each of these roles to help prevent distracted driving-related incidents, and to be safe-driving role models for family and community members.

Drive safely, everyone!