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Health & Wellness

An excellent post on Nurse Ratched's place about the recent death of her dog, Diva, made me think about how important pets can be to our health and well being. They soothe our souls and calm us when we are upset, comfort us when we are sad and brighten even the darkest of days.

In my household, we've yet to take the plunge to get a dog, but we've had guinea pigs, loads of hamsters, fish, a frog or two and a lizard. Though never as attached to any of these pets as I was to the dogs my parents had when I was growing up, it was always sad when they died.

An old neighbor of mine, recently lost her aged cat, Buster, a first class mouser. To honor his memory, she composed a few lines which were then shared with those of us who knew, loved or respected this bruiser of a cat. Someone sent it to the local paper where it was published back in October. Here's a taste of her Eulogy to Buster:

Buster was helped from this world on Monday afternoon, Sept. 24, after a long struggle with illness. He passed peacefully while lying on my lap in the sun on the back step. He rests now in the nook of the hedge where he liked to pass the hours between meals. I have piled his spot with the last of the summer roses but I think he would have preferred a headless blue jay.

Rodents are rejoicing, but Buster shall be missed.