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From Our Family To Yours: Happy Holidays!

by Devon Eyer, Director, Social Media

No matter what holiday you observe, this time of year is all about caring and giving. We’re pleased to share with you a whole collection of holiday reflections from some of our employees. My favorite holiday memory is the first Christmas I spent with my now-wife. We were dating at the time, and I got her a ring. I didn't make much money, so it wasn't flashy at all. Her family got nervous when they found out that I had given her a ring, and thought I was asking her to marry me. It wasn't until they thought I was proposing that I starting thinking about the possibility of marriage. We were married that June. She loved the ring, and still wears it everyday.

- Calvin Kirkland

My favorite memory was our first Christmas in America.  Our family gathered together in the evenings around the Christmas tree that was in the center of our window.  Snow was falling in the background, we did not have snow where we lived before. We felt so proud to be here, to call the United States of America our home, and have our first American Christmas.

- Sovana Krang

My favorite holiday memory has to be my wedding.  My husband and I were planning our big, fancy, expensive wedding when on Christmas Day, we decided to scrap the plans.  That Monday, December 27, we drove to Georgia Town Hall and got married for $75!  It was awesome.  We sent our families post cards to announce.

- Kimi Ramsey

The most rewarding Christmas I ever had was the year a group of friends and I went down to the tree lot on Christmas Eve when they were packing up and got the last dozen Christmas trees from them.  They usually just threw them away, so they gave them to us. Our families strung cranberries and popcorn on string while we drove around the neighborhood looking for houses with children that had no Christmas trees. The looks on the children's faces were precious!

- Burd Galbraith

I have so many wonderful memories of the holidays. One happened on Thanksgiving. I received a wonderful hug from my father. His love filled the room and my heart. This was his last hug, and one I will never forget.

- Sabrina L. Wiseman

In 1989, Jacksonville was snowed in. No one in my neighborhood had much experience driving on ice. We walked to other people’s houses and visited people we had never met that happened to live on the same street. It was a community Christmas.

- Daniel Meeks

My favorite holiday memory was when nobody knew I was coming home on leave from the Navy for Christmas - until they found out who the guy playing Santa was handing out gifts.  Yep, it was me.

- James R. Wagner, Jr.

My favorite holiday occurred while I was going to school in the military. It was a few days before Christmas, and a group of us were driving home together. It snowed in Florida for the first time in a very long time, so the roads were in bad shape. What should have taken 4 hours turned into 10 hours. At one point we slid off of the road heading into the tree line. I believe God stopped that truck and allowed us to continue on our journey home. That year I was given the gift of life.

- Shawn D. Hardy

One of my favorite holiday traditions is baking Christmas cakes and cookies with my mother and daughters.  The recipes are centuries old, brought over by my great grandparents from Poland. My mother and I visit a local Polish deli for the ingredients. “Feel the dough,” I can hear my mother say. During the baking, I listen to holiday stories from when my mother was young:  how three generations of relatives lived in one large single family house throughout the Great Depression. How my great grandmother would wash the lace curtains and my great uncle would then pin them around the windows to dry. My great grandfather hand-making kielbasa, hanging the rings to cure on a broomstick balanced between two dining room chairs; later his eyes teary and red from grinding the horseradish. Everyone in the house participated in getting ready for the holidays. And I think to myself: what wonderful stories did my ancestors tell while making Christmas cakes and cookies?

- Wendy Miller

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