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How Do You Know You’re Doing A Good Job As A Mom?
How Do You Know You’re Doing A Good Job As A Mom?

We’ll admit it. We love the video too. It’s the JOHNSON’S® Baby Commercial that eloquently makes the statement, “You’re Doing OK, Mom!”

As a first-time mother to a newborn, we often wonder if we’re doing all the right things. Did we buy the right products? Feed them the right food? Use the proper sleep technique?

The truth is that there is no one way to mother your kids. So many of us simply make it up as we go along and hope we’re “doing ok.”

But as our children grow, is there a way to actually know that we’ve done a good job as a mom? This was a question I wanted to know so I asked many mom bloggers and women influencers this one simple question:

How do you know you’re doing a good job as a mom?

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We picked some of our favorite answers to share with you and we’d love to hear your thoughts too!

“As hard as it is for me to give my kids their wings- I know that their ability to exist and thrive without me hovering over them, to feel confident in who they are and make their own independent decisions means I must be doing something right.”
– Melissa Chapman, The Staten Island Family

“Every time I see my child make a wise choice, ask a strong question or support another, I know I’ve done a good job as a mom.”
– Julie Meyers Pron, Julieverse

“Whenever I get a gigantic smile and a hug from my kiddos. If they’re happy, I know I’m doing okay.”
– Erin Lane, A Parenting Production

“I don’t think I know, but I go with my gut, cross my fingers, and pay for therapy.”
– Kelly Whalen, The Centsible Life

“I don’t think I’ve ever actually thought that I was doing a good job. I’ve thought that I was doing the best I could, but I think I’ll wait for the final decision until I see them as adults with their own families.”
– Jendi Pagano, Jendi’s Journal

“I think I know I am a doing a good job when I watch how my children behave when they don’t know I am around or when they have to make their own decisions.”
– Deborah Cruz, The TRUTH about Motherhood

“I know I’m doing a good job when I notice my tween and teen are becoming people I thoroughly like to hang out with and they’re able to move through their lives with more and more grace and humor.”
– Lori Luz, Lavender Luz

“When my kids laugh at my jokes more than they roll their eyes. We enjoy each other’s company. They’re good people!”
– Anne Parris, Midlife Boulevard

“I think I have done a pretty good job, especially as a military spouse. I have been mom and dad at the same time. When we have our older ones calling home for advice, then I think we did okay.”
– Lynne Cobb, Lynne Cobb

“I know I’ve done a good job when I see them solving their own problems, dealing responsibly with family situations, giving each other support and encouragement, and when I see that they are “borrowing” some of my parenting techniques.”
– Risa Nye, Risa Nye

“I know that when my daughter wants me to lay down next to her at night, no matter how many times I say it’s exhausting and I just have too much to do, that when I come in and lay down and she holds my hand and says I love you, mommy … I know that’s the truth.”
– Andrea Bates, Good Girl Gone Redneck

“There’s nothing more comforting than seeing your kids genuinely care about one another, especially while they’re still in high school. It means they’ll have each other’s backs long after my husband and I are gone.”
– Suzanne Gray, Roaming Arts

“My boys tell me, “I’ll miss you when I leave, mom” now that one leaves in the fall and the other, the following fall.”
– Alexandra Rosas, Good Day, Regular People

“My son’s good nature and the way he cares about our family (we deal with cancer and strokes and he does not shy away from nursing homes or hospital rooms but sits with his grandparents so they don’t feel alone) is a testament to the goodness of his soul”
– Cathy Chester, An Empowered Spirit

“I know I’m doing a good job as a mom when I let them go.”
– Jc Little, The Animated Woman

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Fadra Nally is a Communications Specialist for Johnson & Johnson. When she’s not working, she’s mothering a precocious 7 year old in the suburbs of Baltimore, MD. In her spare time, she writes All Things Fadra, one of the Top 100 Mom Blogs for 2012 according to She’s also the co-founder of Charitable Influence.

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