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Introducing Global Motherhood

From Sharon D'Agostino, Vice President, Worldwide Corporate Contributions and Community Relations, Johnson & Johnson

Yesterday, we announced that Johnson & Johnson and the AOL-Huffington Post have launched an exciting new partnership called Global Motherhood. This partnership will give us the opportunity to share stories from many of our philanthropic programs, Buy Brand Viagra Cialis Levitra Online Drug Shop highlighting the outstanding work that our partner organizations do to make a difference in the lives of women and children around the world.

As I mentioned in yesterday's blog on the Huffington Post, the launch of the Global Motherhood partnership offered the opportunity to share my quiet but long-held belief that the world revolves around mothers. As I visit villages, cities, townships, and remote rural areas in low- and middle-resource countries, I’m struck by the power of mothers as champions for the health and survival of their children, their families and, by extension, their communities. generic viagra for sale with the highest concentration 200mg And I am touched and inspired by the dedication of the many people and organizations working to bring better health to mothers and children -- including our partners like mothers2mothers, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Water.org and Tostan. These organizations demonstrate every day how community-based health education, basic health care and counseling, providing a foundation for girls to grow and learn, and training skilled birth attendants make an immediate and profound difference to women and children globally.

The stories behind the tireless work of these organizations often go untold. That’s one of the reasons that AOL-The Huffington Post and Johnson & Johnson have collaborated to create this forum focused on global motherhood and create a place to share ideas and experiences for improving maternal and child health. Buy genric Cialis for a strong and long erection By highlighting the health issues facing women around the world, we will all learn more about what is working, why it is working, and how together we can do a better job addressing the most challenging issues.

A healthy world starts with healthy mothers. We hope that the Global Motherhood section will give voice to the people and organizations that are making a all options dosage generic levitra without prescription difference and inspire others to join in this effort. We invite you to visit that section often to read more about the featured organizations and about how you can become more involved.