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Health & Wellness
Johnson & Johnson Celebrates National Employee Health and Fitness Day

It’s National Employee Health and Fitness Day, and our Johnson & Johnson Health Channel on YouTube is featuring a video on keeping our employees healthy and engaged. In the video, Mary, Kanit and Supatra -- two current Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies employees and one former employee -- talk about how they use company facilities and groups to stay active and healthy.

This is nothing new for Johnson & Johnson. Employee health and wellness has been a pretty big part of what we do as a company for most of our 125 year history. We formed a medical center for employees in the early 1900s and provided educational materials on healthy living. We even had a pool early on in the Company’s history. A variety of company sports teams have been winning (and losing every now and then) over the course of the past 125 years, including basketball and even bowling. 

A few years ago, Dr. Fik Isaac wrote a post for JNJ BTW that talked about the importance of keeping Johnson & Johnson employees healthy. In it he wrote: “The bottom line is that our health and wellness programs are considered an investment in the health of both employees AND the corporation. To truly create a culture of health that will drive long-term sustainable results, employers must deliver a comprehensive set of programs that focus on both the individual and organization.” Today, we take a moment to recognize the importance of creating a culture of health here at Johnson & Johnson. So go for a run, grab a soccer ball or hit the gym in an effort to stay healthy and happy.