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Keep Those Helmets On

Now that we are in warm weather season, I seem to be spending most of my weekends reminding my son -- and his friends in the neighborhood -- to WEAR THEIR HELMETS whenever they hop on their bikes, skateboards or scooters. (This weekend, in fact, I had to add "go cart" to that list after my son and his friend threw one together using some of the scrap lumber in the garage.)

Most of the time, my pleas are met with blank stares or the occasional "why." Well now, thanks to an article in today's USAToday, I have yet another example of why they should keep their helmets on.

The article opens with the story of a mom who returned home to discover her 10-year-old son laid out in the street, his head in a neckbrace, his smashed bike beside him. Fortunately, her son remembered to wear his helmer. According to the article:

A police officer handed her Danny's cracked bike helmet. "He said that if Danny had not been wearing it, he probably would not have survived," says Kane, a Charlotte accountant and mother of three.
discover her son had that underscored the good work that Safe Kids has been doing to improve childhod safety. "The No. 1 killer of children is not cancer or diabetes or obesity," Korn says. "It's unintentional injuries, or accidents. And almost every single one of them is preventable."

Having observed the efforts of Safe Kids for several years now, I know that by taking some basic steps you can greatly reduce the incidence of childhood injury. Yet as experts like Safe Kids have found, parents need to remain vigilant and to stay firm with their kids to ensure that they keep those helmets on. I know from experience that this isn't always easy to do -- but based on stories like the one related in the USToday, it is worth the effort.