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Health & Wellness
NYC Blogger Dinner

Wednesday night, Rob Halper and I hosted another of our blogger dinners -- this time in NYC.

The conversations we had at Piano Due (which served a really nice porcini mushroom ravioli course) spanned a variety of subjects -- from how to monetize a Twitter account to dogs. John Mack, who was one of our guests, posted a nice wrap-up of the conversations that went on at HIS end of the table -- which appeared to mostly focus on steps that can be taken to improve the accuracy of online health information.

At the other end of the table, there were discussions about the ROI of social media sites and expanding the awareness of social media efforts. Oh -- and there were several conversations about dogs.

So what did I take away from all the socializing? Well, I picked up quite a bit, but one point stuck out in my mind -- that ensuring the accuracy of healthcare information online is crucial -- and that one of the best ways to do so is to encourage numerous stakeholders to enter the conversation. According to John's summary of the discussion:

For patients, the best, safest, and most accurate health information is available through social media (eg, discussion boards, blogs) that are populated by a variety of stakeholders: patients, physicians, caregivers, etc.

I agree. But that can only be accomplished once more of these stakeholders overcome objections by dispelling perceived risks -- and mitigating real risks -- to jump into discussions on different healthcare topics. There is clearly much that needs to be done before this can be achieved.

I'd like to thank all of our guests for joining us and making this a great evening.