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Response to Recent Coverage in the Financial Times

Today’s Financial Times included a story (subscription required) about Johnson & Johnson’s comprehensive approach to preventing and treating disease. The story contained a number of inaccuracies, which Johnson & Johnson addressed in a letter to the Financial Times editors. Here is what we had to say.

Dear Editor of the Financial Times:

Today’s Financial Times included an article about the comprehensive approach of Johnson & Johnson to the prevention and treatment of significant chronic diseases. The story contained a number of inaccuracies.

While Johnson & Johnson believes the breadth of its business interests across consumer, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals business segments is a valuable advantage in its approach to the treatment of a number of chronic conditions, including cancer, the company does not intend to market consumer and regulated products more closely, as reported. In a discussion with the Financial Times, company executives talked about how leaders from the various business segments share insights that improve their understanding of the needs of patients with cancer and other conditions, and, presumably, result in products and services that better meet these needs. They did not, however, state or suggest that the company would market such products together.


Bill Price Vice President, Media Relations Johnson & Johnson