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Shareholder Innovations – Another Retail Shareholder-Friendly Tool

In the past, I’ve written here to highlight things of interest for our individual, or retail, shareholders.  I’ve explained how changes to the rules of the New York Stock Exchange would affect shareholder voting, described some of the tools we offer on the Investor Relations section of jnj.com that make it easier for retail shareholders to stay informed about our company, and posted voting results immediately after our 2011 Annual Meeting of Shareholders.

Today, I’m excited to tell you about the newest resource we’re offering to keep our retail shareholders engaged.  We are the first corporation to team up with Moxy Vote, an innovative, online voting platform, which will provide another way for you to vote your shares at our shareholders meetings.

Moxy Vote is designed for retail shareholders who want one convenient place to vote all of their shares online and educate themselves on the items they will be voting on.  Moxy Vote also offers an opportunity for companies, like ours, to have direct dialogue on their website with our many different stakeholders, who are so vital to our long term success.  It’s an opportunity that aligns with our goals for shareholder communications and so we’ve decided to support Moxy Vote’s initiative in the shareholder communication and voting space.  Over 100,000 users have signed up to use Moxy Vote and so can you.  We encourage you to visit their site and check out what it’s all about.  You can read their blog post about J&J here.

We continue to add features on the Investor Relations section of our website for the convenience of retail investors.  We provide easy ways for both registered and street side shareholders to sign up to receive annual reports and proxy materials electronically.  We created a special Investor Relations web page optimized for viewing on mobile devices, and we optimized our earnings webcast for mobile streaming on iOS devices.  We’ve also made available audio podcasts of our Investor Relations events and video podcasts of our annual meetings.  We tweet updates from our annual meetings and earnings calls, and we’ve added links to third-party websites with general educational information about your rights as a shareholder and the proxy voting process.  I hope you are able to take advantage of there shareholder-friendly tools and also give Moxy Vote a look.