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Some New Voices From Beijing

As an Olympic sponsor, Johnson & Johnson has quite a bit going on in Beijing. There is, of course, a pavilion on the Olympic Green, but other activities include a monumental marionette show (with 22 foot tale marionettes) done as a tribute the Qin Shi Huang Terracotta Army Museum (which Johnson & Johnson has partnered with for years) and a partnership between our Family Health Initiative and the Right to Play -- an international organization that uses sport and play programs to improve health.

But to help employees (like me!) who couldn't make the journey to the games get in the Olympic spirit, a few J&Jers have been asked to blog internally about their experiences -- but over the next few weeks don't be surprised to see a few of their posts -- as well as some other folks from Johnson & Johnson who are there -- on JNJBTW. Just wanted to give a heads up that there may be some additional voices on JNJBTW over the next few days...