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Storytelling in Our Annual Report

By Mark Krajnak, Manager, Corporate Communications, Johnson & Johnson

A few weeks ago, shareholders of Johnson & Johnson began receiving their 2008 Johnson & Johnson Annual Report in the mail. When the last report rolled off of the printing press back in the middle of February, this was the culmination, for me, of a project that I began working on since the previous May.

The annual report project is one of my favorite projects to work on. This is now my fifth one, having done four others with other companies. But in each case, working on this project helps give me such great insight into the company, especially one like Johnson & Johnson.

While the back section is devoted the financial health of a company, it’s in the front section where you can find some very compelling stories about the doctors and patients and other people who use our products.

In this year’s report, For example, you’ll meet a football-playing orthopaedic surgeon from northeast Pennsylvania that transforms lives with his surgical skill; a young mother from northern China who took part in consumer research that helped us develop a long-lasting skin cream for children; and a HIV-positive mother from South Africa who is a mentor with the mothers2mothers program, a program that teaches other HIV-positive mothers the steps they can take to keep their children HIV negative. This is just one of more than 100 HIV/AIDS programs that Johnson & Johnson supports across 50 countries.

These are just a few of the stories, but there are many more. And while it was hard to decide which stories we should focus on for this report, I feel the ones we selected are not only compelling but also show how Johnson & Johnson touches so many lives on a daily basis.

All of these stories are now available over at our corporate website or you can see them in a virtual version of the annual report. We would love to know what you think.