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From Lynda Benton, Director, Corporate Equity, Johnson & Johnson

While my family was digging out (again) from yet another snowstorm here in the Northeast last week, I was thankfully able to catch a flight out of snowy Newark to  spend a few days in Nashville, attending my first blogger conference, Blissdom 2011.  Though I’ve been reading blogs for a while, this was my first blogger conference – and I found the energy, wit and passion of the people there to be truly inspiring.  So much so, that I felt the need to try my hand at it with this, my first blog post on JNJBTW. 

There are already a number of summaries of Blissdom that I’ve come across (including this one from Sarah on her Real Life blog that highlights LOTS of other recaps), so I’m not going to get into all that happened there.  But I did want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the wonderful women (and yes - couple of men!) who shared stories with my colleagues and I from Johnson & Johnson.  You see, while there, we set up a video camera (thanks to Rob Halper, AKA @jnjvideo) and asked everyone one very simple question:  “How have you used social media for social good?”   -- and were rewarded with a huge diversity of touching answers.   I could summarize these stories here, but I think they are best heard from the voices of the bloggers themselves.  I hope you enjoy viewing these as much as we enjoyed recording them.

Many thanks to the following folks for taking time out of their business schedules at Blissdom to record their responses:  Loralee Choate of Lorleeslooneytunes, Renee J Ross of Cutie Booty Cakes, Rita Arens of Surrender Dorothy, Katherine Stone of PostPartumProgress, Catherine Connors of Her Bad Mother, Anissa Mayhew of Free Anissa, Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks, Allison Czarnecki of Petit Elefant, Kelly Lewis of Just Spotted, Schmutzie of Schmutzie, Scott Stratten of Un-Marketing, Kelly Loubet of Everyday Childhood, Alison Kramer of Nummies, Laura Bleill and Amy Hatch of Chambanamoms, Elizabeth Ballance of The Heir to Blair, Katy Monnot of Bird on the Street, Kathy Hill of House of Hills, Hollee Schwartz of The New Perfect, Jyl Johnson of Mom It Forward, Ria Sharon of My Mommy Manual, Kim Borchert of Prairie Momma, Lisa Thompson of Simplified Saving, Barbara Collins of Madre Minutes, Jenny Ingram of Jenny on the Spot, Megan Crume of Sweet Sadie Marie, Heather Hetterick of Heathers Helpings, Rachel Matthews of A Southern Fairy Tale, Heather Durdil of Domestic Extraordinaire, Elizabeth Thielkd of Busy Mom, Liza Hippler of Blahggy, Jeannett Gibson of Life Rearranged, Narisha Jaganath of Mommy Niri, Jim Lin of Busy Dad Blog, Momo of Momo-Fali, Allison Worthington of Mrs. Fussy Pants, Amy Imig of Listen to Your Mother Show, Angela England of Ang England, Amy LeForge of Earnest Parenting, Janice Croze of 5 Minutes for Mom, Jennie Sanford of Bargain Blessings, Ana Castro of LatiSM, Esher Crawford of Faint Starlite, Holly Hamann and Aimee Giese of The Blog Frog and Greeble Monkey, Stacie Connerty of The Divinemissmommy, Sara Hawkins of Saving For Someday, Kelli Stuart of Mini Vans Are Hot, and Holly Rosen of The Culture Mom.

Want to share your own story? We’ll be at blogger conferences throughout 2011, and would love to connect. Stay tuned for more information.