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Using Technology to Improve Health – The Social Health Track at BlogWorld 2011

Well, it's that time of year again!  No, I don’t mean time to appreciate the changing fall foliage.  I mean time to get ready for the Social Health Track at Blog World and New Media Expo which is taking place in Los Angeles, Nov. 3-5!

For the past two years, Johnson & Johnson has been the primary sponsor of a track dedicated to a discussion of social health at Blog World.  You can read more about what happened in the first two years here and here.  Overall, both provided an opportunity for wide ranging discussions around how digital technologies and online communications platforms can be used to improve health.

When organizing this year’s session, we wanted to build on the momentum of the past two years and are once again bringing together e-patient advocates, healthcare professionals, caregivers, nurses, physicians and manufacturers to share insights and best practices, and to discuss how digital approaches and social media can be better used to improve health outcomes.

The following are some short descriptions of what these sessions will cover this year, as well as some of the confirmed speakers:

Session 1: How established organizations can better support and work with online patient advocates to support their communities.  Confirmed speakers:  Kerri Sparling: (www.sixuntilme.com), Jenni Prokopi:  (www.chronicbabe.com), Katie Loeb: (www.overflowingbrain.com) and Russ Starke: (www.thinkbrownstone.com).

Session 2:  A discussion of recent data exploring what information people trust online to manage their health, including what is considered credible information.   Confirmed speaker:  Shwen Gwee:  (www.med20.com, www.edelman.com).

Session 3:  In this session, top nursing bloggers and podcasters will share their tips for producing HIPAA-friendly blogs, podcasts and social media posts. Confirmed speakers:  Kim McAllister: (www.emergiblog.com), Terri Pollack:  (www.nurseratchedsplace.com,) and Jamie Davis (www.thenursingshow.com).

Session 4:  A panel discussion looking at the opportunities and the challenges of using mobile technologies, applications and other digital tools to reach and influence how patients and caregivers manage their healthcare needs. Confirmed speakers:  John De Souza, President, MedHelp.org:  (www.medhelp.org), Enoch Choi:  (@enochchoi) and Sarah Colamarino, VP, Johnson & Johnson.

Session 5:  A presentation on the activities of the Digital Health Coalition:  Establishing guidance for companies to operate successfully online in light of regulatory and legal limitations.  Confirmed speaker:  Mark Bard, Co-founder, Digital Health Coalition (www.digitalhealthcoalition.org).

Session 6:  How physicians are engaging online to reach their patients and improve the success rates of treatments:  A panel discussion that will examine the role of the physician in social health. Confirmed speakers:  Dr. Jen Dyer (www.endogoddess.com), Dr. Val Jones (www.getbetterhealth.org).

Session 7:    During this interactive session, the audience will be given an opportunity to openly discuss the challenges and opportunities afforded by online technologies to improve health.  Confirmed speakers:  David Armano (www.edelman.com) and Marc Monseau, Founder MDM Communication (@mdmonseau).

Session 8:  How social media can improve how healthcare is managed – Lessons from other industries.  During this session, thought leaders from other industries will provide their perspectives on how social media and digital technologies can be used to drive behavioral change.  Confirmed speaker:  Scott Monty (www.ford.com).

The session is coming up fast, and if you are interested, I’d suggest you sign-up today to guarantee your place – and be sure to pass this on to your friends, colleagues, co-workers, family members or ANYONE who is interested in the future of health.