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Voices From Beijing: Forget 20/20 . . .what about 20/8?

By Jeremy Walsh, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative for PriCara in the United States, blogging from Beijing.

I learned tonight that the human eye can have up to 20/8 vision. Talk about Go Go Gadget eyes (I finally got to use an Inspector Gadget reference!)

As a sports enthusiast, I realize that there are many more elements than sheer athleticism that play a role in an athlete's successes. It was interesting to hear during last night's press conference about the testing The Vision Care Institute, a Johnson & Johnson company, has done in the US and the UK to help Olympic athletes take their abilities up a notch. Hand-eye coordination is extremely important, so The Vision Care Institute successfully completed tests on athletes to help boost their athletic performance by improving their eyes. Examples of athletic movements that utilize hand-eye coordination include throwing the javelin while running, swinging a baseball bat to connect with a ball, and returning a 200 mph badminton serve.

FYI for fans of baseball: The average baseball players' vision is 20/12.