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Voices From Beijing: Hello Beijing!

By Diego Lombera MartÍnez, Junior Sales Representative, Johnson & Johnson Medical Mexico, blogging from Beijing. Photos by Maria Keilar, Senior Specialist, Media Asset Management, Johnson & Johnson


The night before my flight to China, it was almost impossible for me to get some sleep - first because I was so excited and second because I had to wake early in the morning to get my flight. I thought I could see Beijing from the airplane but it is impossible. There were only clouds and some smog, and then suddenly . . .I landed. It is 3:43 pm in the afternoon. Hello Beijing!

Since the moment you arrive you can feel the excitement of the Olympic Games, you see athletes walking around the airport and of course banners of the Olympic Games with Johnson & Johnson being one of the sponsors. It was weird how quiet the airport was. It seemed that everybody was at the National Stadium cheering for his or her country. After I got to the hotel I decided to go and meet with the staff that is involved with the Johnson & Johnson sponsorship, and get my accreditation for the Games.

That afternoon, I decided to walk around Beijing. It is majestic! Everything is so spectacular, so big, so amazing. As I walked near the National Stadium I saw Chinese people dancing at the park, kids skating, old men playing cards. Suddenly, far away I can see the National Stadium (they also call it "the Bird's Nest”). It is really beautiful and modern. Near the Bird's Nest is the National Aquatics Centre (they also call that "the Water Cube") with colors changing every moment. Unless you have tickets for the events you can't get close to the National Stadium, but the news is that every event is already sold out, or at least that's what they say when you ask the volunteers. Do you believe them?

The next day I got ready to meet with my mate, Maria Kielar, and get ready for some action. This is the first day that we will be able to get into the Olympic Green, which is the place where most of the events take place and is where the Johnson & Johnson Olympic Games Pavilion is located. It is here where we have the chance to talk to Sherman Glass, who works in manufacturing for McNeil Consumer Health in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in the USA. He is the father of Kimberly Glass, a volleyball player of the US national team. "Number ten", says the proud father as I ask him about his daughter. He believes teamwork is the most important value that can be applied at work and in sports such as volleyball. After talking to Kathy (Kim’s mom) and Sherman, we go to attend a press conference, organized by the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute, whose mission is "caring for the world, one person at a time," as Dr. Kenneth Moritsugu who works at the institute said.

That afternoon we got tickets for swimming, so Maria and I got ready and walked from the Johnson & Johnson Olympic Games Pavilion to the Water Cube. But before we got there, we went for a quick shopping trip at the official shop to buy some souvenirs. Pins of the Olympics Games seem to be the most popular gift. It was very crowded and we spent more time getting into the shop than actually buying souvenirs.

We then walked to the Water Cube, and as we're walking we can see the Bird's Nest, too. When we get to the Water Cube we see the magnificent colors that really impress me. The Chinese are very nice and everybody is ready to help you. The first impressions from our trip so far are very spectacular!