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Voices From Beijing: Musings

By Susan Odenthal, Vice President, Corporate Communications


I'm lucky to be part of Johnson & Johnson’s Olympics team; as a result, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in Beijing. To an outsider like me, it is a city of juxtapositions. To look up is to see its amazing future -- tall skyscrapers speak to its economic growth. To look down is to see its proud traditions and past - well-worn bicycles bearing workers to and from work, handmade brooms clearing the dust from the air that’s settled along the curbs. We've all seen the sleek and awesome structures that are the "Bird's Nest" and the "Water Cube." The people who keep the venues going congregate in modest communities at the fringes of the Olympic Green. In its quest to demonstrate to the world its rightful place on the global stage, I hope China doesn't relinquish the rich theatre that makes it the unique place it is.