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Voices From Beijing: World Sponsor

By Jeremy Walsh, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative for PriCara in the United States, blogging from Beijing.

The photographer is Anne Lebus, Customer Support Specialist at the Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics European Support Center (OCDESC) in Illkirch, France

johnson-johnson-olympic-pavilion.jpg...............I had the opportunity to stroll the grounds of The Olympic Green today to look at all the sponsor showcases while Anne went to attend the Men's Gymnastics Event. I was surprised because it was relatively empty compared to last night when it was flooded with all the people waiting to see the Opening Ceremonies . You have to be a VIP like me to get into The Olympic Green but an Olympic sporting event ticket will also do the trick. I guess that makes me 50% VIP then.

The Olympic Green is also home of the Johnson & Johnson Olympic Games Pavilion. It is an awe-inspiring building, and one marvels at the green factor. Bamboo is planted everywhere! Bamboo is growing in various gardens throughout the inside and outside of the building, offering a respite from the heat.

When you enter the Johnson & Johnson Pavilion the first thing to do is hear several touching stories about the heroism shown in the aftermath of the recent earthquake in China. I was humbled by the moment of silence held at 2:28 PM honoring those who passed away in the earthquake.

While in the Johnson & Johnson Pavilion, we had the opportunity to listen in on a stop smoking initiative press conference. Johnson & Johnson is helping to motivate the Chinese people to live a more healthy lifestyle by implementing a smoke-free workplace environment.

I was also able to see the stunningly beautiful and poised Terracotta Warriors that are being showcased in our Pavilion. Johnson & Johnson is actively participating in the preservation efforts of the Emperor Qin Shi Huang Terracotta Army by studying the prevention of mold damage to preserve the soldiers forever. It is definitely a "give you chills moment" to look in the eye of a 2,200 year-old warrior!

Ever since arriving in Beijing I have been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to attend a sporting event. We received one of the hottest tickets in town . . .Beach Volleyball!

That, my friends, was an absolute spectacle. The athleticism was unreal and I can't believe the jumping abilities these athletes have. It made my 2-inch vertical jump all the more pathetic to think about. The Beach Volleyball event featured a game show announcer who got everyone pumped up in between massive techno beats. The energy in the Chaoyang Park Beach Volleyball Ground was a sight to behold. The highlight of the night was watching the USA Women win. Consistent with the beach theme, all the fans participated in a wave. For all of you stadium wave purists, it was exactly the same here so don't you worry