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A Valentine’s Day Love Letter To My Child
A Valentine’s Day Love Letter To My Child
There’s nothing like the love inspired by a newborn baby. Today, J&J mom Michelle writes a Valentine’s Day love letter to her 3 month-old son.

My dear little son,

I never knew that I was capable of loving a person so deeply. From the first moment that I held you in my arms just three months ago, this intense love began washing over us. You have taught me about a love that I never knew existed and I would have never known existed without you.

This love that I have for you is fierce and protective. It is a love that I will never be able to fully describe. It brings tears to my eyes when I think about how much I love you. It is a love that makes me want to protect you from all the troubles in the world. It is a love that makes me want to sacrifice to ensure that you have the best opportunities possible. It is a love that places you foremost in my mind. This love allows me to enjoy every moment I spend with you – whether it is feeding you every other hour at night, or you giggling while I tickle you.

You have changed the very core of who I am. I now have another title- mother- a title that I cherish. Even though life is so much more difficult now because I have more responsibilities to juggle, I would never want to return to life before you. Being a mother has been rewarding, and I am so thankful that you have given me the opportunity to nurture you through life.

Each day, I try to take some time to close my eyes and relish all the time I have with you, whether it is when you are sleeping on my chest or you are “talking” with daddy. You have caused me to slow down and enjoy small moments but also to speed up and be efficient and productive at all times since the days are so short.

Thank you for your chubby cheeks, your sense of wonder, your giggles and smiles and your angelic face when you sleep. You make my day every day. Happy Valentine’s Day, little man.



Michelle Kinder lives in Philadelphia with her husband, son and two cats. She has worked at Janssen Research and Development LLC as a Research Scientist since 2011.

Gigi Ross is the Manager of Corporate Social Channels for Johnson & Johnson. She is also a wife and the mom of two tweens (one boy and one girl). Gigi lives with her family in sunny San Diego, CA.

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