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Better Late Than Never... Right?

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I'm a terrible procrastinator -- a fact that my wife or any of the teachers I had would be all too happy to verify. But, while I do put things off, they eventually get done. Last night, as I tried to put the gruesome Indians/Red Sox game out of my head, I hit upon several things I've been meaning to write about.

First of all, I wanted to applaud Mother Jones at Nurse Ratched's Place for last week's fascinating Grand Rounds. For those unfamiliar with Grand Rounds, this weekly round-up of the best in medical blogging was established by Dr. Nick Genes and different health care bloggers take turns as hosts, selecting the theme, posts and so forth.

Last week's had a military theme, and Mother Jones pulled many posts that highlighted the role people have played in the care, treatment and rehabilitation of military personal. I thought this seemed particularly apt given the daily news out of Iraq, and many of the posts are deeply moving. She sums it up:

I want to thank all the men and women who are serving in uniform, and those individuals who are taking care of wounded troops around the world. Your service is invaluable. You not only touch the lives of your patients, but you touch the lives of all of us as well.

BTW -- Does anyone know where gets those wonderful paintings and the obscure yet intriguing pulp fiction book jackets?

I've also been meaning to mention that Fard Johnmar of HealthCareVox has launched a new show called Digital Health Revolution . As he explains:

This bi-weekly program will chronicle how the Internet, computers, mobile phones and other technologies are impacting health globally. A major emphasis of DHR will be on how social media (e.g, blogs, podcasts and social networks) have handed unprecedented power to the masses. It

So far, he has a few in-depth interviews up and available. In addition to inarticulate ramblings from yours truly, he has a rather interesting interview with Susannah Fox of the Pew Internet & American Life Project who discussed her recent report on how people with chronic conditions use the internet.

Though the format may be a tad long, Fard poses some fascinating questions and is great at teasing out responses. I know he was busy out at the Health 2.0 conference last month, and I'm interested to see what goes up next.

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