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Blog World 2008

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I just came back from Blog World Expo (why do I keep thinking of Wally World?!), in Las Vegas.

Other than the location, it was great. Lots of interesting vendors offering widget, aggregation and monetizing applications. And I came back with several pounds of tee shirts.

But the main reason I attended was to meet with Kim of Emergiblog.

Kim is a blogging emergency room nurse whose enthusiasm is matched only by her smarts. We had originally met at the BlogHer Conference in June of this year. Kim was blown away by the energy and expertise at BlogHer, but noticed there was no “track” for medical or health care bloggers, certainly a worthy topic for this audience of 1000 women. So she decided that she wanted to create one, if not at BlogHer, then somewhere else. Kim, not wasting any time, contacted Rick Calvert at BlogWorld, and for a start, asked if she could arrange for a luncheon for bloggers she knew might be interested in this concept. Johnson & Johnson was happy to sponsor it, and during a 2-hour lunch, the group came up with the Big Idea of running an entire track for health care blogging and social media at next year’s BlogWorld. Health care bloggers have much to talk about – and the fact is, people are increasingly turning to blogs and other online communities to share healthcare information, ideas and best practices. The time, as they say, has come – and I’m really looking forward to it.

Kim, who doesn’t hesitate to take the ball and run with it, has already generated a lot of interest in this, and ideas about topics, as you can see from her Wheels Are Turnin’ post. Kim is already talking about an entire Health Care BlogWorld! Whoa, Kim, one thing at a time!

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