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BlogHer 2008: 1,000 Women Bloggers and Me

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By Rob

Actually, I'm exaggerating a bit - there were a bunch of us guys there , but we were definitely a tiny minority.

In many positive ways, this conference is unique, but on the other hand, a BlogHer is a blogger, is a blogger. And I'm finding there is ample common ground, information sharing and interests between all of us.

One thing that you can't help noticing is the amazing positive energy here. It's palpable. It's also extremely well organized, with fabulous snack foods - danish, Snickers, popcorn, chocolate, even Swedish Fish at the Sesame St. booth. It is also striking how non-commercial this is. Even though there are sponsors (Johnson & Johnson was represented here via its corporate sponsorship of Safe Kids Worldwide organization), there is surprisingly little "pitching" going on. Maybe I'm stereotyping, but it seems that there is a female sensibility for "sharing" and connecting, as opposed to a masculine one of "selling" and deal making.

Speaking of which, I'm reluctantly being impressed by Twitter, which the participants here seem to love. While it seems a bit like "social stalking" to me, it certainly is an interesting way to keep in touch. I noticed a Twitter from BlogHer yesterday which read: "I'm amused that there are men here at BlogHer...they're smarties! ;-)" I was kind of amused by THAT! But I think she may be right.

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