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vino-kolafrasmall.jpgWorking at a healthcare company that has been around for more than 120 years, I've come across some pretty unusual medical products that have been sold over the years. In fact, my friend Margaret Gurowitz, who pens the Kilmer House blog, has highlighed just a few of these wild and woolly old Johnson & Johnson products -- from mosquito fumigators to beauty spots on her blog. I thought Margaret's post about the company's foray into the cola business was particularly intriguing.

It was with great interest then that I read in the Economist that there is a new exhibition in London of some of the medical, scientific and health-related materials associated with the human heart collected by Sir Henry Wellcome -- who founded what became one of the world's most prominent pharmaceutical companies as well as the Wellcome Trust.

wtd027780.jpgBased on the article and the exhibition's website, it sounds like a fascinating collection of artifacts and other materials that help provide a more complete picture of the history of medicine. It also sounds like a testament to the eclectic tastes of the quirky Victorian temperament. Trip to London anyone?

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