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Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

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The big day is finally here: your child is getting ready for kindergarten. It’s an exciting, overwhelming, emotional time for many parents, whether they’re sending their first, last or only child. Around the world, moms and dads have the same types of questions:

Will my child make friends?

Should I expect there to be homework?

How can I help my child adjust to a new schedule and routine?

Will my child remember where the bathroom is?

And we all can’t help but wonder: Will my child miss me at all?

There’s some consolation to be found in the fact that the start of kindergarten is a rite of passage, and that you’re not the first or last parent to experience it. Dozens of Johnson & Johnson employee parents join this roller coaster ride every year, and we decided to ask some of those parents to share their thoughts, tips and stories as they prepare for this amazing milestone in their children’s lives.

If you have a child starting kindergarten, we hope you enjoy.

Every child handles kindergarten differently – and for Anna, her son Nicolas’ first day of kindergarten will be as unique as he is.

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Imagine if preparing for kindergarten meant sending TWO kids off to school on the same day. If you’re a mom of twins, like Christina is, the big day teaches you some important lessons about parenting.

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Elizabeth’s daughter Tori is starting kindergarten with a twist. She’s beginning school in a Spanish immersion kindergarten. Elizabeth reflects on what that means for her – and her daughter’s – kindergarten preparation.

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What we all really want as parents is for that first day of kindergarten to go off without a hitch – for the child to come home with a smile on his or her face, excited laughter, and news about how much fun it all was. Meghan shares some kindergarten readiness tips she’s following to ensure her child has a fabulous first day of kindergarten.

If you’re the parent of a new kindergartener, we wish you and your child the best school year ever! But remember, it’s okay to shed a few tears at the thought that your little one is stepping out into the big wide world.

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