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How Hope Can Cure

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From Angela Chiu, Interactive Marketing Manager, Vistakon, Hong Kong

30 July 2009, building classrooms at Cherish

How Hope Can CureMost days at Cherish, we laid bricks for an hour or so before we were invited to join their daily morning prayer session. The children were between 1 year old to 10 years old, and all were carrying lovely faces, some smiled, some giggled, some laughed, some jumped, some danced...they were so energetic and lively.  No one could tell they were actually HIV-infected. 

I had a chance to speak one-on-one with Rachael Parson, a full time childcare manager. She told me that the children being taken care of in Cherish seldom fall very sick. The virus inside their bodies has been well contained.  This is an amazing result, and it comes not only because of being given the right antiretroviral treatment but also a well-rounded diet fueled by the self-sustained organic farming at Cherish. Most important of all, it's the living hope and love being provided to these children. At Cherish, these children are embraced with a promise of future hope. The strength of that love and hope goes so far, it is able to cure and enliven them. I think every one of us can imagine that hope is a crucial factor to save one's life; no treatment or doctor can cure if a patient loses hope.

The energy of these children also enlivened us!  We were also given hope and meaning to carry on the building.  After the prayer session, our energy level and morale were boosted.  A team member shouted to the group, "Look at these kids, let's get the classroom done!" Yes, let's get the classroom done so that their future can be embraced.

This amazing experience reminds me Hope Lodge Project, where I find incredible spirit of the patients in spite of dealing with the challenges of cancer treatment. 

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