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How Love Works: Everything Changes

This Father’s Day, Johnson & Johnson is exploring the unique impact fathers have on their children’s health and well-being. As part of our #howloveworks journey, we asked a few of our Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies employees to share their stories of fatherhood. Here’s the story from Matt P., who says everything changes when you become a dad.
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I used to ask myself what really changes when you become a parent. The reality is, everything!

I am blessed with two beautiful kids, Chloe Emelia (5½) and Luca Maximilian (3½). What they have brought to me is so much more than I could ever have imagined. They make me laugh, they make me worry (a lot ;-)), they make me mad (sometimes), they even make me cry with a flurry of emotions.

But being a dad is the best job in the world. There’s no job description, there’s no vacation, there’s no salary, but I feel blessed every day to be able to hold my kids and tell them that I love them very, very much.

My favorite part of the day is the early hours of the morning, when my son comes into our room and crawls into our bed. He seeks a cuddle and his beautiful brown eyes shine bright as he gazes into my eyes with a cheeky grin on his face. A little later Chloe starts to stir and she too stumbles in with her weary face clutching her favorite teddy bear.

Being a dad, everything changes. They become the first thing on your mind in the morning and the last thought of the day at night. They say, “the love for your children is unconditional,” and I would certainly do anything for mine. I am very grateful for being a dad, and I love the fact that everything changed when I did. 😉

Why does a hug make us feel better? Is it really better to give than receive? What makes a dad’s love so powerful? #howloveworks is a series of content and conversation takes on these questions and more, as we explore the amazing power of love and care.

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