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I Do It All for You

Our next employee author in our Parents @ Work series writes a letter to her kids. J&J mom Rosie shares what she wants her kids to learn from having a mom who works outside the home.
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Dear Everett and Morgan:

When the alarm goes off and a new day begins, once again, I am reminded of how blessed I am to be your Mommy. I cherish the little things, like the joyous sounds of you singing along to music in the carpool line. But sometimes, when I watch both of you walk into school each morning, I get sad when I think about some of the trade-offs we have to make.

From time to time, you must go to school with the sniffles. You go to after school care rather than come straight home. Too often we may eat at places with wi-fi and playgrounds, or you’ll find me working while you’re at baseball practice. But know this: being a Mommy who works outside the home is all for you.

While I sometimes feel guilty for some of these trade-offs, I think we have learned a lot. Even though life isn’t always fair or easy, we can overcome obstacles. I challenge myself every day to do my best to lead by example and teach you how to be a successful grownup. You learned the first habit of successful people while you were at daycare. Their mantra was: “Be proactive. I’m in charge of me.” Guess what? That lesson stayed with our family well beyond your stay in daycare. We live by that creed in our home every day! As you both grow, I feel good that you know that each of us is in charge of ourselves, we are learning to live independently, and most importantly, who we want to become is up to us.

Even if it means making lunches over coffee at 5 AM, completing expense reports after you are asleep, or buying cupcakes to send to school rather than making them, Mommy is here for our family. You may not understand right now why I work so hard for all of us,but one day you will.Your Mommy works for the company that makes BAND-AID® bandages and amazing baby shampoos. It takes a lot of working parents to fix boo- boos and make magic bubbles. You’ll know one day, we do it all for you.

To the moon and back,


Rosie Groover joined Janssen in November of 2001 and is currently a Senior Sales Representative. She and her two children Everett (6) and Morgan (5) reside in Acworth, GA. They enjoy family activities such as baseball and dance.

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