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By Marc After Superbowl Sunday (Yes, I ended up watching the game...) I thought some light reading may be in order for those of us who stayed up a bit late in celebration... Paul Levy at Running a Hospital linked to fascinating post about how a Lieutenant General in the US Army believes the military should rethink its approach to social media and encourage soldiers to tell their stories. But, as he explains, this isn't as simple as giving them the tools to do so, it involves changing the culture. As Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell explains:

Leaders have to understand and accept that not all media interactions are going to go well. Leaders need to assume risk in the information domain and allow subordinates the leeway to make mistakes.

The folks at Medical Marketing and Media had a recap of the remarks made by Steve Case at last week's e-Pharma meeting, including Steve's surprise at the lack of investment made by major healthcare companies into digital health.

However, Case is confident that, given time, present hurdles to online initiatives, such as regulatory and privacy issues, will be overcome and that the healthcare community will start to “experiment more aggressively” and eventually embrace digital media. He recalled the early days of e-commerce as an example of how online attitudes and user behavior transform over time.
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