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So where do you go for information about how to treat cuts and bruises, obesity or mental illness? Where do you find information on fitness and nutrition and the peril of fast foods?

Have to admit, when I need that kind of information, I go online and do a search. I look through loads of materials - some from physicians, some from people and some from companies.

So when I was faced with the task of trying to figure out what to do with an entire library of videos that provide basic, helpful information about different diseases and treatments, it was almost a no-brainer to place them online.

Last week - after months of work -- the Johnson & Johnson health channel was launched on You Tube. On it, I'm uploading videos produced by Dr. Nancy Snyderman when she worked at Johnson & Johnson. Each two-to-three minute video addresses various health-related topics such as teenage obesity, nutrition, aging, heart disease, cancer and mental illness. Though we may make products that can be used to treat some of the conditions Dr. Snyderman talks about, no brand names are mentioned. After all, this is about health information and advice -as provided by Dr. Snyderman.

Here's a sample:

What struck me as I went through Dr. Snyderman's videos in preparation for putting them online was just how much stuff we have. Health care companies like Johnson & Johnson have a wealth of information and knowledge that they have acquired over the years - in part because it is through this knowledge and understanding that we can develop new products, treatments and services that can help in the delivery of healthcare. But all too often, much of this knowledge isn't shared with people, physicians or patients for a variety of reasons (such as regulatory oversight, confidentiality and other business concerns...)

Yet as I observe the ongoing dialog about health-related matters online, I can't help but think that companies like Johnson & Johnson can be more involved in this conversation - even if it is simply to share some basic information that have been gathered over the years.

I'd like to think that perhaps this new health channel goes a small step towards getting us more involved with this discussion. Hmmm... one small step for Johnson & Johnson, one giant one for... well, you get the idea...

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