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Since Johnson & Johnson filed suit against the American Red Cross back in August, I’ve heard from friends, acquaintances and colleagues -- critics and supporters alike -- asking why I don't talk more about this case on JNJBTW.

While I'd often like to provide more context and information about legal actions -- or introduce legal experts who can do so -- as I’ve said before, Johnson & Johnson typically prefers not to litigate its cases outside of the courts.

I mention this because yesterday the American Red Cross submitted its response to the Johnson & Johnson suit, providing their legal position. Our position on this case can be found on our website. The ARC's filing comes on the heels of the filing of an amended complaint by Johnson & Johnson earlier this month.

Though there will no doubt be renewed questions about the reasons for the lawsuit and the validity of our legal arguments, for the time being I'm going take a pass on any further discussion of this suit on JNJBTW. As indicated in the statement on our website, it is now appropriate to let the judicial process take its course.

Anyone reviewing the court filings can easily see why there is a reluctance to discuss ongoing lawsuits outside of the courts. The documents provide extensive details about the use of the Red Cross symbol over the past 100 years and why both organizations believe they are in the right. That’s why continued debate over this dispute is best left to a venue where there are rules covering the submission and presentation of facts - thereby giving both organizations a level playing field to lay out their cases.

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