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Once again, some more reading for the weekend: A deadly amoeba lurking at the bottom of lakes and ponds may be responsible for the deaths of three children in Florida this past summer and the Florida Department of Health issued a warning to those participating in any kind of water sports. Dr. Kevin Sherin, director of the Orange County Health Department told the Orlando Sentinel :

"This is a rare infection but everyone in Central Florida [who swims] in lakes needs to be aware of the danger and take the proper precautions."

Only 23 cases of infection by the amoeba, called naegleria fowleri, were documented in the US between 1995 and 2004, according to the CDC. Via the WSJ Health Blog **************************** The Associated Press reported that some hospitals are installing kiosks to help patients check themselves into hospital emergency rooms. Though real emergency cases, such as gunshot or crash victims with serious injuries, will still be checked in the old fashioned way, most patients will:

...spend about eight minutes at the kiosks, using touchscreens to enter their name, age, and other personal information. The computer shows the patient a list of ailments to choose from, like "pain" or "fever and/or chills" and a list of body parts to indicate where it hurts.

Hmmm... I'm just getting the hang of using those new check-out kiosks at retailers but I've found the check-in kiosks at airports have really helped speed me through the airport... but in a hospital? We'll see... Thanks to KevinMD. ****************** And lastly... esquire2.jpg Who would have thought it? An employee of Johnson & Johnson's DePuy Orthopedics company was named one of Esquire Magazine's best-dressed men in America. Congratulations, Frank. Now... who is your tailor?

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