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Our People
Doing Good in the Neighborhood

Editor’s note:
Johnson & Johnson has more than 128,000 employees around the world. Throughout 2014, we’re going to bring you their unique stories. Whether they are employees who work with a nonprofit, mentor children, or simply volunteer at their local soup kitchen, we want to show that small acts of kindness can make big changes in the world we live in. These stories have inspired us, and we hope they’ll inspire you, too.


“Those who can lead have an obligation to do so, in the realm of citizenship…” General Robert Wood Johnson, 1949

Name: Tricia Haertlin

Position/J&J Company: Senior Administrative Associate for Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Tricia Haertlin, Senior Administrative Associate at Janssen, works with Operation Quiet Comfort to recycle used jeans and transform them into quilts covered in messages from home for wounded U.S. soldiers in the Middle East. “Connecting with others is SUCH a good thing in our lives. I would hope to encourage people to find a project they like and jump in at some level. Typically one thing can lead to another and pretty soon you will have something to do… somewhere to go… people to care about… and a much fuller life.”