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      Nasal flu vaccine

      FINAL LEDE- 3 Innovative Ways Researchers Are Rethinking How We Combat the Flu- Janssen Universal vaccine

      3 innovative ways researchers are rethinking how we combat the flu

      From a promising alternative for the flu shot to hope for a “universal” vaccine, we take a look at how scientists at Johnson & Johnson are exploring novel ideas for preventing and treating the flu.
      Our heritage
      3D illustration of influenza virus on grey background
      Our heritage

      Fighting the flu: 18 pivotal moments in history that have brought us closer to a cure

      When it struck, the 1918 flu pandemic—one of the deadliest outbreaks on record—killed up to 50 million. As flu season begins, we look at how far we’ve come in fighting the viral infection, including promising work being done on a universal vaccine.